Apprenticeship Programmes


Apprenticeship Programmes

E.ON is one of the biggest energy providers in the UK. So when you join us as an apprentice your work will matter to millions of people. During your time here, we’ll also equip you with the skills you need to build a successful career.

Our apprenticeships are offered not only to 16-24 year olds school leavers looking for work experience, but open to everyone of all ages and backgrounds. We want to remove any hurdles to find the best and brightest candidates. Your time on the programme will see you learning from experienced professionals and discovering what it takes to succeed in our fast moving sector.

Whether we’re providing them with a reliable source of energy or helping them save it, we’re totally focused on our customers.

If you share that passion, there could be a bright future for you here.

Customer Service Apprenticeships

While keeping the lights on is what we’re famous for, keeping our customers happy is what motivates us.

Throughout 2018 we will have many new Customer Service apprenticeships so if there is nothing suitable now, please do keep checking back.

Engineering Apprenticeships

We have a number of engineering apprenticeships for you to choose from, including Highway Lighting and Offshore Wind Farm technicians.

Each will provide you with the training and hands on experience you need to succeed.

Professional Function Apprenticeships

At E.ON, we also, periodically, have a range of apprenticeship schemes in support services such as Human Resources, Finance and IT.

We have no Professional Function Apprenticeships at present.  Please check again later.