Customer Service and Sales

Customer Service & Sales

E.ON has many different customer facing roles.

This is an area buzzing with positive energy. It’s one where people are dedicated to helping customers – and each other. If you love to help out others as much as we do, you’ll fit right in.

We need people to talk to our customers on the phone, but also over email or social media. We need people to set up new accounts for customers who have just moved house, but also people to help existing customers who’ve fallen behind in their bills.

Wherever you join us, you can count on one thing. There will be plenty of scope to realise your career ambitions. We have a strong ethic of promoting from within, especially in our contact centres. Even if you don’t necessarily want to move upwards, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn new things.

Customer service and sales

Customer service is a big deal for us – we handle around 12 million calls a year. It’ll be your job to make each customer feel like they’re the only one that matters; a task that will see you use all your natural warmth and personality. We also recruit sales advisors and it would be your job to make sure the customer is on the tariff suited to them and their usage.

Worthwhile work

Energy is one of life’s essentials, so it can sometimes be a little daunting for our customers. You’ll help them make sense of the complexity and ensure they’re using their energy correctly. As customer service roles go, it’s one of the most rewarding and worthwhile out there.

As well as answering queries, you’ll find the best energy deal for our customers. But don’t worry – this isn’t about taking a pushy sales approach. Instead, it’s about talking to the customer, listening to their needs and working out which tariff is best for them. It’s a consultative role that will see you building relationships of trust and acting as our friendly representative.

Just as technology evolves, so will we

These days it’s about so much more than the phone. Our customers now contact us by email, Facebook and Twitter. At the moment, we have special teams to deal with these enquiries. But in the near future, we’ll want all our customer advisors to work across all these channels – so expect more variety, not less.

Supporting you all the way

We’ll ensure you’re able to do a good job. We don't believe in holds, transfers or call backs, so we like to avoid them wherever possible – and we never put excessive targets ahead of excellent customer service. We’ll be equally supportive of your development too. Nearly all our senior roles in our contact centres are filled by internal promotion.

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Debt Recovery

There’s nothing more satisfying than turning a bad situation around. And that’s precisely what you’ll be doing here. Whether it's over the phone or face to face, you'll help customers in financial difficulty. Showing understanding, resilience and patience, you’ll work with them to find the best repayment solutions.

Because challenges are rewarding

Everyone from large corporations to residential homes can get into debt.

It will be down to you to find solutions that are both viable for our business and realistic for the customer. It’s a role that will see you negotiating payment plans and dealing with a wide variety of debt related issues.

Yes, you'll have some tough conversations along the way – especially when a customer faces a change in their energy supply such as the installation of a pre-payment meter. However, there will be lots of rewarding moments too; like when you get a customer back on track with their energy bill and help to lighten their load.

Real opportunities

Debt recovery is a large and complex area, so there are lots of opportunities to move around and specialise. What’s more, the area is constantly evolving. New regulations mean that we’re frequently reviewing our policies and processes – and you may well have the opportunity to get involved in these projects.

B2B Sales

B2B Sales is incredibly important to us. We have around 500 people working in this area, both in our contact centres and out in the field. Together, they handle our big national accounts plus over 500,000 SME customers. Join them, and you’ll find the opportunities are equally abundant.

More than just new business

This role is not just about winning us new business. It’s about maintaining relationships with existing customers when their contracts come up for renewal. It will see you working with customers, developers and suppliers to design and deliver intelligent energy solutions.

It’s an altogether more demanding – yet rewarding – form of sales. The very nature of the contracts we have with our business customers means you’ll be conducting complex negotiations.

Real support. Real opportunities.

One thing you’ll never be short on is support. Our training and development programme is highly advanced and covers all the skills you need to succeed. We’ll also train you in ethical selling, technical competencies and more.

Rapid career progression is also a reality here. We have clearly defined career paths for all our roles – whether you’re out in the field or in our contact centre. Indeed, many of our most senior sales managers started here in entry level roles.