Personal and professional development

Personal and professional development

E.ON is nothing without its people.

So from day one, we’ll make a commitment to your training and development.

You’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to progress here. And if climbing the career ladder isn’t on your agenda, we’ll still give you the chance to expand your skills and knowledge.

Defining your path

Our HR team have taken the time to ensure there are ‘job family paths’ that encourage and explain upward promotion. So you’ll always know which roles you can develop into, and what you’ll need to do to get there.

If you’d prefer to stay where you are, that’s fine too. We’ll encourage you to get better in your current role through a variety of approaches to learning and development. We’ll also recognise and reward you when your improved skills make a difference to your work.

Broadening your horizons

It’s not just about moving upwards. There are also opportunities to move across the business. E.ON is an incredibly diverse organisation. Yes, we’re an energy company. But we’re also a retailer, a data management company, a technology company and more. Ambitious, talented people can explore very different career paths here without having to walk out the door.

There are also international opportunities available: career paths at E.ON don’t stop at the UK borders. And we’ve a variety of locations across the UK, if domestic relocation is a more attractive option for you.