Life in the energy sector never stands still – and neither do we.

Whether we’re developing renewable technologies or simply finding new ways to deliver energy more efficiently, we’re always pushing the boundaries of innovation.

That said, we never innovate simply for its own sake. Everything we do has to have a real benefit for our customers and the things that matter most to them – whether it’s energy efficiency or protecting the environment. If you can help us achieve that, you’ll have a bright future here.

There are lots of areas you can join us in. We need people to maintain our power plants, but also people to install smart meters into people’s homes. We need people to pioneer new technologies, but also people to take the lead on safety. The list goes on. 

Power Plants

We’re responsible for all of E.ON’s major power plants. We use a wide range of energy sources here in the UK and our team make sure each one of our plants is performing to its fullest.

As well as day to day operation and maintenance, they’re continuously improving our power plants to minimise the impact on the environment and keep the cost of energy as low as possible.

It’s a fast moving, challenging and constantly evolving area that offers fantastic opportunities for a rewarding career path. Join us and you’ll be part of an expert team that comprises mechanical and electrical engineers, technical specialists, project managers and more.


E.ON is leading the way in renewable energy. Here in the UK, we’re responsible for a number of large scale renewable assets – from onshore and offshore wind farms to marine and biomass plants.

We’re involved in every stage of the project lifecycle, from initial concepts to final design and build. Once a project is complete, we also take responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the renewable plant.

It's an exciting area of the business with a pipeline of new projects requiring the skills of engineers, project managers and site managers. And just as climate change is a global challenge, we’re highly international too. We have operations and projects right across Europe and North America.

Projects and work

E.ON has been involved in some of the biggest wind power projects around. For example, we helped to build the London Array, the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Its 175 turbines deliver clean energy to nearly 500,000 homes.

Right now, we’re in the final stages of completing our fifth offshore wind farm, the £700 million Humber Gateway, which will produce electricity for 170,000 homes when it opens in 2015. We have projects overseas too – in places like Denmark, Sweden and Germany – and new wind farms in the pipeline (such as the Rampion Offshore off the coast of Sussex.)

We’re keen to develop other renewable technologies too. Blackburn Meadows in Sheffield, for instance, is our new biomass renewable energy plant. It’s set to start generating green energy for 40,000 homes, by converting locally sourced, recycled waste wood into electricity. This is the equivalent of taking 20,000 cars off the road each year.

District Heating

District Heating is one of our most exciting growth areas. It’s good for our customers because it brings the costs of heating down – and it’s good for the environment because it reduces carbon emissions.

Essentially, it involves us supplying heat from a central source to homes and businesses through a network of insulated pipes carrying hot water. These networks can supply heat to housing developments, towns or even entire cities.

We’re involved in the design, delivery and operation of district heating networks. As such, we need people with a variety of skills – everyone from project delivery managers and quantity surveyors to site managers and engineers.

There’s an exciting future to be had in this area. For example, E.ON has recently started work on a major new heating network in Cranbrook. It’s a major project that will see us developing a brand new £3 million Energy Centre and is expected to create around 6,500 jobs on completion.


Building wind farms. Improving power stations. Developing new generation systems. E.ON Technologies is responsible for all this and more.

A highly diverse team, we employ the talents of everyone from engineers to scientists to project managers. Together, they apply their talents to some of the toughest engineering challenges around.

Join us, and you’ll be part of a truly international operation. We have more than 2,000 projects in the UK and Europe as well as further afield in Russia and South America. We’re serious about developing our people too. By getting them up to speed with the latest thinking and techniques, we’ll be able to confidently meet the opportunities of the ever evolving energy sector.

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

E.ON is a commercial enterprise – yet the health and safety of our people and customers, not to mention the environmental impact of our work, has to be the top priority. And that’s precisely what we’ll look to you to safeguard.

This is an area with a wide range of roles. You can specialise in analysis, training, consultancy or environmental management. Or you can become a general health and safety advisor. Whichever path you take, professional qualifications will stand you in good stead, and we’ll support you in achieving these.

No matter where you join us, you'll need to have the confidence to liaise with and influence our managers, stakeholders and even external regulatory bodies – passionately communicating our interests to ensure our best practice really lives up to the name.

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