Customer Operations Leadership


What we offer

Starting salary: £29,000 
Duration: 24 months
Location: UK-wide opportunities

Here at E.ON, we’ve built a reputation for delivering new solutions to powering our customers’ worlds. It’s why they trust us. Why they keep coming to us in increasing numbers. And why this is one of the most important Graduate Schemes within our business.

Our two-year Customer Operations Leadership programme might justifiably be called an applied Graduate Scheme, as we’ll put you on the frontline from the day you start. Readying you to manage teams of up to 80 people within a few short years. Working on exciting future-focused projects such as SMART metre rollout.

What you'll do

We’ll give you exposure to our residential (B2C) operations – everything from Sales, Contact Centres and Field Operations to Debt Resolution. And you’ll work toward a professional qualification in Applied Management.

This is your chance to take up a guaranteed role upon successful completion of the scheme with business support for an immediate salary increase. But it’ll take real flexibility as you’ll be re-starting a new post every six months for the two-year duration of the scheme.

What we're looking for

We’re looking for:

  • Natural leaders with a genuine desire to go all out for customers
  • People who love the idea of moving from location to location in pursuit of new skills
  • The kind of individuals who can just inspire and connect with others, all the while bringing real business acumen
  • Graduates excited by a future in a key managerial position within B2C

You’ll need:

  • To be on-track for a 2:1 in your Bachelors degree
  • The commitment to taking three days a month out to attend lectures for the first eight months and completing lots of coursework
  • Willingness to move between locations every few months, from Nottingham to Bedford to Leicester to Bolton
  • The drive to manage teams of up to 16 people within your first year

And, at the end of that journey, you’ll be proud to say that you were part of the generation that changed everything. And with a career ahead of you that’s as sustainable as the energy you brought to it.

To find out more about the application process, click here. Please remember that we want you to apply for the role you think is most suitable for you, and therefore you may only apply for one scheme.

Applications for this scheme are now closed.