How To Apply
How To Apply

How To Apply

Ready to improve life  for everyone?

Ready to improve life for everyone?

Want to steer the future of energy today? And your future? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

Hopefully by now, you’ll have a good idea of what E.ON is about: who we are, what we do, and how we like to work. 

This section will help you to set things in motion and explains how we assess your application.

Before you start

We want the right people. You want the right company.

To make sure we’re right for each other, we judge all applications against four main competencies. We want to see these shine through so think carefully about how you’ll demonstrate them. It could make all the difference.

Non-EU students requiring a visa

Graduates: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer sponsorship for our graduate scheme. If you are applying, you must be able to demonstrate your right to live and work in the UK on a full time basis.

Year in Industry and Summer placements: If you are studying at a university with a Tier 4 licence, you are welcome to apply for one of our 48-week Year in Industry placements. UK Visas and Immigration can offer further advice about working in the UK as a non-EEA national.

How we assess your application

What we're looking for and why.

  • Understanding the business
    You should understand the energy market, and show that you’re really focused on your customers and able to work to improve your own particular business area.

  • Embracing change
    You are open to change within organisations – and give these initiatives your full support.

  • Enhance teamwork
    You should be able to build strong, effective relationships, showing real empathy and support for others.

  • Personal impact
    You act reliably. You support diversity. And you’re always eager to develop your own skills and knowledge.

So you’re applying

How does this work?

  • Online application and auto CV screen
    This will make sure you have the right qualifications and, in some cases, are studying the right degree subject. Please remember that we want you to apply for the role you think is most suitable for you, and therefore you may only apply for one role.

  • Situational judgement questionnaire
    We’ll explain a number of scenarios – and you’ll pick the best way to respond.

  • Online game-based assessment (GBA)
    The next stage is a series of mini games that measure various skills. They’ll take around 30 minutes to complete and you can do them on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Afterwards, you’ll get a report that explains your strengths and weaknesses – a helpful tool as you move through the selection process.

  • Video interview
    Your chance to really shine. We’ll be particularly interested in seeing how you come across and hearing about your motivations for applying. See below for some tips and tricks for filming the best video interview possible.

  • Assessment centre
    This is a whole day assessment centre, where you’ll be assessed against our Leadership Competencies. (We’ll let you know more about these nearer the time.)

Your video interview

Tips and tricks

Advance preparation 

  • Familiarise yourself with the video interview system
  • Ensure you have the required technology 
  • Complete the practice interview
  • Do the necessary research on the organisation and practice your answers.

Once you’re logged into the video interview platform

  • Position the camera at the same height as the top of your head
  • Face the light
  • Ensure you are in a quiet space
  • Ensure you have a clear background
  • Wear professional dress.

During the video interview filming

  • Look directly into the camera and maintain good eye contact during most parts of your interview
  • Smile – showing confidence and enthusiasm
  • Control fidgeting, waving around of your hands and nervous tics such as tapping of a pen
  • Watch your posture - you’ll clearly want to sit upright and keep your back straight. Make sure you’re facing the camera, and not showing too much of the side angle. Just ensure you feel nice and comfortable throughout the duration of the interview. 
  • Ensure you answer the question asked of you – don’t waffle!
  • Don’t assume knowledge on the assessors part
  • Don’t be modest. Sell yourself.

So just in summary, here are some key hints and tips:

Flexibility: Yes, these video interviews have their benefits in allowing you to be flexible. However, do not leave this until the last minute!  

Informal setting: There can be a tendency to treat the interview informally because you’re doing it in a familiar setting. Don’t. Treat it exactly the same as you would if you was having an interview in your potential managers office!

Motivation: Show your passion, enthusiasm and drive.

Research: Understand the Sector, Company and position you are applying for. Ensure this is the role for you.

Business dress: Choice of clothing and filming your interview in the right space is crucial. This is a small thing but can have a big impact on the interviewer. 

Support: If you are unsure of how to use the system or need extra guidance please ask.

And above all it’s OK to be nervous. The way to overcome some of these nerves is through practicing and making sure you feel as though you have prepared the best you can. Practice with friends, family and make use of your career service support at University. Better still make use of the practice video interview which will be accessible when you log into the video interview platform. A typical video interview will last between 5 – 10 minutes once you’re ready to answer the questions. We’re not here to make it into a stressful situation. The questions are manageable and relatable to the opportunity you’re applying for.