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What we offer

Operations Leadership Year in Industry
Starting salary:
Location: Nottingham / Coventry 

The Operations Leadership Year in Industry at E.ON will power your future. Turning you from an ambitious student into one of the strongest candidates entering the careers market once you graduate.

What you'll do

For a natural leader like you, this is the ultimate opportunity to turn your extroverted characteristics into effective team building and managerial skills as you learn what it takes to become a true industry leader and influencer.

You might find yourself working on capacity management of Smart Meter implementation or helping E.ON to meet UK Government requirements for their installation. Whatever projects you take on, one thing’s for sure – you’ll do so with absolute confidence and the desire to be fast-tracked onto one of our Graduate Schemes, where you’ll fully hone your ability to manage large teams and implement process improvement strategy in the field.

What we're looking for

We’re looking for:

  • A sense of excitement to work on large scale projects such as our drive to ensure all new Berkeley Homes are fitted with energy efficient E.ON boilers and other products
  • People who don’t want to wait around for a leadership opportunity
  • The passion and determination it takes to fast-track into a rewarding career with huge responsibility

You’ll need:

  • To be working towards your undergraduate degree
  • The drive to keep learning and keep growing
  • A keen understanding of commercial issues
  • To stand out from the crowd and show us that you’re truly special

And, at the end of that journey, you’ll be proud to say that you were part of the generation that changed everything. And with a career ahead of you that’s as sustainable as the energy you brought to it.