Inclusive recruitment

Inclusive recruitment

Diversity makes us more effective.

It brings fresh ideas and perspectives and helps us better serve our communities.

That’s why we’re committed to creating an inclusive culture in which people from all backgrounds and abilities can reach their full potential. It’s also why we have one of the most progressive diversity policies in the UK – one which has won us many awards.

Fair recruitment practices

We work hard to attract the widest possible candidate pool, and to make the process completely fair. We will always make reasonable adjustments for our assessment processes. And when it comes down to an offer, we hire the best person. Full stop. Or if flexible working is a consideration, we might hire the best two people – they can share the job

Culture of inclusion

Once you start here, you’ll find we’ve created an open environment in which people feel empowered to speak up about any issues they may face. You’ll be invited to tell us what’s working for you and what’s not through company-wide surveys – as well as other feedback forums.

When we get your feedback, we’ll act on it. Like when some people told us they didn’t feel there was enough support for carers. We started a dedicated Carers’ network. And when it became clear people with dyslexia weren’t always getting the help they needed, we enlisted the Dyslexia Association to help us make relevant adjustments.

Some recent achievements

When it comes to diversity, we’ve been nothing if not active.

Among other things, the last few years have seen us:

  • Create a dedicated Diversity Leadership Group made up of key stakeholders
  • Consult with disability groups to ensure our recruitment practices and working environments are fair and accessible
  • Support the creation of diverse networking and support groups – from LGBT and BAME networks to the Dyslexia Community Group
  • Introduce flexible working, generous maternity leave and other family friendly benefits

Awards and recognition

We don’t live in a perfect world. We know there’s always room to improve. But we’re still glad to have gained recognition for our work in diversity and inclusion. It proves that we’re heading in the right direction. Some of our accolades include:

  • ENEI Awards - Inclusive Recruitment Award
  • FIRM Awards - Best Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Strategy
  • Candidate Experience Award (with distinction) - for our high standards in how we treat our job candidates
  • Clear Assured - for our commitment to best practice in disability recruitment
  • Two Ticks ‘positive about disabled people’ accreditation