Professional and support

Professional and support

Without this area, E.ON simply wouldn’t exist.

These are the people who maintain our technology, run our finances, manage our legal affairs and more. It’s their combined talents that enable us to do what we do – whether that involves looking after our customers or the environment.

Join them, and we’ll look after your own development too. We have clear paths of progression in each of our teams, so you’ll always knowwhere your career is going. Even if upward progression isn’t in your plans, we’ll make sure your skills are kept up to date with the latest training. There’s also support to attain professional qualifications where there’s a business need.

We’ll invest in you not simply because it’s a nice thing to do – but because we need the best talent possible to meet the demands of our fast moving sector.

Professional and support areas


It's vital for us to attract, hire and retain the best people. Whether it’s through assessment, interviewing or managing employee relations, this team is key to building a committed, skilled and engaged workforce.


Ethical financial advice, robust monitoring of risk and accurate reporting are essential to our business. Across areas as broad as auditing, tax and pensions, the work of this team touches every part of E.ON.

Supply Chain and Procurement

This team plays a key role in keeping costs down for E.ON customers. From selecting suppliers and negotiating contracts to managing performance, they’re totally focused on best value.


As well as maintaining our essential technology infrastructure, this team uses their expertise to create applications and solutions that make our customers’ lives easier.

Marketing and PR

Once we’ve created an innovative energy solution, it’s vital that we get the message out there to our customers. This team creates compelling communications that let people know what we're developing and offering.

Administration and Support

We’re a large organisation, spread over several sites and this team is essential to ensuring smooth day to day running. They solve problems, keep people informed and are often the knowledge base for the company.

Facilities and Asset Management

It's important that our buildings and site are secure and our commercial vehicles roadworthy at all times. Our facilities and fleet management team are responsible for looking after these key assets.

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

When it comes to the safety of our people and the environment, there can be no compromises. This team works hard to ensure that we’re meeting the highest standards across these areas.


Good corporate governance is vital to us. Not only does it promote the long term interests of our investors and strengthen management accountability; it helps to build public trust in us as an organisation.


Digital is a big growth area for us. From developing innovative solutions to managing social media, this team is helping us connect with our customers in better, more engaging ways.


By optimising our business, we deliver better value for our customers. The role of analysts is critical – they’re involved in everything from pricing commodities to offering strategic insights on customer behaviour.


Every large organisation depends on sound legal advice – and it is no different here. From reviewing commercial contracts to pursuing litigation in the area of complex collections, this team ensures we carry out best practice.

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