"Imagine the role we at E.ON are going to play in the adventures that lie ahead."

Johannes Teyssen – CEO E.ON SE

As one of the largest suppliers of 100% renewable energy in the UK, we are committed to a sustainable future and improving people’s lives. 

So you might think we’re all Customer Service Advisors or Engineers. But take a closer look and you’ll discover a whole range of teams. Each with unique experience and different skills, but all working towards that common purpose of creating a better tomorrow. It’s an exciting time to join the sector as we meet new challenges with the help of people like you.

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We handle around 12 million calls a year. And that’s because our Residential teams manage the supply of electricity and gas to over five million homes across the UK. Whether talking to customers from one of our call centres, installing SMART meters or SMART homes out in the field – finding our customers an energy solution that delivers value and sustainability is all in a day’s work.

There’s plenty of opportunity for career development. So, if you have ambition, one of our Residential teams would be a great place to develop your career with us. 

Our business - Residential

Our Business and Community Solutions teams work with our business customers to find them energy solutions that deliver on value and sustainability. Those customers may be small, like your local corner shop. Or, they can be so large that they require their own mini power station. Whatever the size, our focus is always on providing affordable, clean energy solutions to the businesses and communities that rely on us.    

It’s about thinking smart. For example, some of our power generation projects generate waste heat and excess power. So we’re able to give something back by piping that cheap energy out to power local communities, reducing carbon emissions for the planet.

Roles in this area tend to fall into Sales, Customer Service, Commercial, Engineering or the Delivery teams that build and operate bigger projects. 

Our business - Business and Community Solutions

Here, our Professional & Support Functions make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. We’re always checking that we are putting our customers first, treating them fairly, as well as being commercial and strategic in our mission to champion sustainability. And that only scratches the surface.

Departments, at a glance:

  • Political & Regulatory Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Strategy & Transformation
  • Marketing & Communications 
Our business - Professional & Support Functions

Work here and you’ll help shape our digital business strategy. Our Business Change and Technology business area is in charge of all digital infrastructures like telephone systems, cyber security and data capture. And, as you’d imagine, we have lots of excellent IT partners that need us to work closely with them.

Our business - Business Change & Technology

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